Twelve Oaks Intrepid  The eyes of a champion

2012 and2013  USEF Horse of the year, Twelve Oaks Intrepid
The eye of a Champion, waiting to proceed to the Winners Circle at Oklahoma Morgan World Championships in Oklahoma City,OK. This Morgan has been gracing the the winning podium  since 2009.


“Training is the art of  getting close to understanding what the horse is thinking. Being able to respectfully and humbly adapt our abilities to patiently teach them in their moment of present and be able to interpret what exists as a past to them. To create an athlete with a sound body and mind ready to confidently take on the job we ask. We do this by spending a lifetime with them and educating ourselves in the best way that we can. To be able to read the very thought that might occur behind those eyes, as we ride and train from the ground. The feel comes in much time and we do not have much time, making the thoughtful and many hours so very important and precious.”      Holly Parks Robinson

Holly Parks Robinson, lifetime horsewoman and 30+ year degreed professional trainer of HPR Show Stables.

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