Holly has conducted many clinics over the years and is available for the 2013-14 fall- spring season to help with your organization. Here are just some of the Clinics that Holly offers;

  • Saddle Seat Equitation Clinic and  how to perform the work out pattern.
  • Hunt Seat Equitation on the flat and over fences.
  • The Seat and Hands Clinic.
  • The Open jumper, form equals function
  •  The fine points of outfitting an equitation rider.
  •  How to use dressage in your schooling regiment for a happier horse. This clinic reaches out and is applied to all disciplines.
  •  A clinic designed to meet the needs of your group may come from combining the clinics offered.
  • Holly offers discounts to youth and 4h groups.
  • To design your groups’ clinic for this season call Holly at 330 419 3436 today.